Dog Fouling & Littering

The signs that the council have displayed on lamposts etc about dog fouling and the fine imposed if caught, are far to small for people with dogs to read, as the amount of dog fouling that goes on, and the irresponsiable dog owners who allow this to happen and do not care about where they live or the enviroment, and do not clear up after their dog’s leave a mess, which is also a health problem, should not be allowed to have a dog if they cannot look after it and care for it properly, and have respect for other people in the community where they live and visit, and also the amount of litter that is just dropped onto the floor instaed of being put into litter bins or taken home and put in the bin at home, No the irresponsible people who could not care about where they live and the mess it causes in the area, chewing gum, fag ends, toffee papers, etc etc etc, it only take a little thought and care to make the community where you live to look nicer, but NO! people cannot be bothered to look after anything, what there homes look like must be frightening, filthy, disgusting waste bins.

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2 Responses to Dog Fouling & Littering

  1. Good post! I take it that this is an issue that annoys you Jim 🙂 I completely agree with the mess and sadly where our shops are positioned creates a wind trap and it looks like we are the litterers! We even have it on our daily cleaning rotas to sweep large parts of the outside. It does make me think though, if people didn’t drop it in the 1st place it would help matters. Do you have any pictures???

    • Jimbob says:

      Hi thank you for your reply to my comments, it is not getting at any shops on the precinct it is the people who create the problem to start with, there is totally no need for it, all it takes is a bit of thought

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