Partner churches organise many events in the area.  Information on all local churches is available in each church and in Bredbury Library and Woodley Civic Centre.  For visitors or newcomers C. of E. services arae held at St.Barnabas, St.Chads and St.Marks.  R.C. services are held at Our Lady and St.Christophers and Methodist services at Woodley and Romiley Methodist.  Locations, services and web addresses are available in the Library and Civic Centre.  Churches together hold a Christmas Fair in Woodley in December.  Each month a magazine and newsletter for each church becomes available in the above places.

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  1. HI there, can I use this post for the Our Lady & St Christopher Blog, please? I will of course give full acknowledgment to you, and link back to this page? Thanks in advance

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  3. Super, have posted and linked back to you. Thank you

  4. Garth Briggs says:

    Hi guys. I have just moved to Bredbury in may of this wife walked out on me in February and my family as completely changed just can’t beleive wats happened to me been together for 28yrs been married thirteen yrs this my house repoessed and Lost life as changed so much unreal I have two children a boy who is 17 yrs who as a life threatening condition nearly lost twice he’s had lots on during is life with drs and nurses etc.and I use to do everything for him.mum couldn’t deal with is condition and with people with disabilities and that’s why she as walked away.and my son doesn’t want to speak to me yet and it’s so heart breaking for what I’ve done for him over the years,my daughter as turned towards me and I love her even more than ever and she comes and sees me over the wkend she doesn’t want to stay with her mum but I will not say anymur. Me myself I have a medical condition which is a muscle wasting condition and had prostate cancer and now I can’t work anymore plus through the condition I’m incont front and back passage and have had prostate cancer had half of my prostate removed and now they have said may have to have a colostomy bag need More testes doing for that one going two the hospital in two weeks.may have high blood pressure aswell now need a metre putting on me for 24hrs ok,I use to have a bible of a very good friend of mine and it’s been mislaid and I could do with please could you send me one through the post to me please. That I can’t get out that much because of my condition I can’t walk that far.
    If I give could you my address which is 48 elm street Bredbury Stockport sk62pt.
    Many thanks garth Briggs god bless

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