Microsoft telephone scam

I have just received a telephone call from a foreign sounding person to say that my computer is infected, and that they are Microsoft qualified engineers to help me to fix my computer and asked me to turn my computer on and they would talk me through what the problem is and how to fix it, I said to them that I was a qualified Microsoft engineer and they immediately put the phone down, the telephone number of the person who called me is 02030266482 , I am not a Microsoft engineer, so I thought I would contact you to let you know of the scam.

show details 17:06 (2 hours ago

thank you for bringing this to our attention and for the detail you have captured

We are aware and concerned about the increasing number of calls of this nature going to our customers;  I’m going to pass your details onto the team who are looking into this at Microsoft UK.

We really appreciate your taking the time to notify us – if you have any further queries or concerns on this issue, please do contact us again

Best regards

Helen Putland

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2 Responses to Microsoft telephone scam

  1. This was featured on radio 4 yesterday. Jim, you are ahead of the game!

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