The local watering hole!

According to, there are over 150 result’s for pub’s in SK6 but there are only 22 in the Romiley, Bredbury and Woodley area of Stockport. 8 in Romiley ( The Spread Eagle, The Duke of York, The Friendship, The Grey Horse, The Railway, The Romiley Arm’s, The Stock Dove and The Forester’s Arm’s), 7 in Bredbury ( The Crown, The Rising Sun, The Greyhound, The Queens, The Cow and Calf, The Roaring Wind’s and the Traveller’s Call ) and 7 in Woodley (Joshua Bradley, The White Hart, The Railway, The Navigation, The Woodley Arms, The Snooker Palace and The Lowes Arms). The total area between the pubs is 4.7 miles approx. and so it is probably no surprise to some that some of the pub’s in our local area are struggling to make end’s meet. I, however find it very discouraging that what was once seen as a centre-piece of our community is suffering greatly. But why?

Is it that some pub’s in our area are now too modern and have no character and atmosphere? Do some pubs need a refurd to bring them into the 21st century? Is it that some pub’s are considered ‘old man’ pub’s and so are losing out on the ‘young’ crowd? Are there too many young drinker’s in your local pub, with constant police raids to apprehned under-age pub-goer’s? Is there a problem with drugs in our local pubs? Do pubs now do too much with different themed nights every day of the week? Or is there not enough on in pub’s, do we want more than just a pint?

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