Uncovering the myths about the Woodley Christmas Tree

There has been a lot of talk both positive and negative about the Christmas tree on Woodley precinct, so we have done some digging to tell you why is it where it is…

Three years ago Woodley precinct got it’s first tree in 35 years. This was placed outside the newly opened coffee shop and Adam’s of Woodley Pet Shop. The reason it was placed here and not in the middle of the precinct is because this is where we can get the best electricity and make it shine as bright as we can.

The tree was a result of a conversation is Andrew Stunnell MP and the owner of the social enterprise coffee shop, having agreed to host police drop in surgeries in the coffee shop, Anne Wallace asked if the precinct could have a tree of its own to encourage people onto the precinct and help shop keepers and generally get people in the christmas spirit!

For the last two years the credit has been solely down to Churches Together who have organised the tree with the help of the council. Personally, I think it’s extremely sad that we can’t have a Christmas tree here

No businesses on the precinct have paid for the tree or negotiated where it should be placed.

This year an amazing member of our community donated £200 for a new set of lights. This was added to by StartPoint social enterprise and we now have a FULLY illuminated tree.

I hope this answers any questions, let us know in the comments if you have any more questions…. good digging team!


About startpointcofffeeshop

Training Manager at Starting Point Community Learning Partnership. Follow us on twitter @startpointsk6
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