Car crime is on the increase.

In the Eastern Area of Stockport!

The current major issue across our area is car crime!

People leaving sat navs, mobile phones and laptops on clear view in their cars, take these items outside of your car and put them away safely inside your house, if you do use a satnav, wipe away the mark left by the suction pad on the windscreen.

Most of all, securely lock and alarm your car!

Alarm, lock & lights

“All”…. this short phrase will help you remember to keep your home safer over the winter months. When going out put your
Alarm, lock your doors and leave your lights on!

Security tips:
1) Fold in wing mirrors, put the ariel down. This discourages vandals

2) Property marking kits are available free of charge, speak to your local PCSO.

3) Keep your car keys in a safe place, even inside your house, put them away and out of sight

Following this simple advice greatly reduces your chance of becoming a victim of acquisitive crime

The new non emergency telephone number is 101
Your local contact telephone number is 0161 856 9973


ice on your windscreen?
Need to defrost your car in the early morning?
This IS an open invitation for thieves who WILL steal your car & your insurance may not pay out for your loss..

Tel Either 101 or 0161 856 9973!

Operation ness is a GMP’s response to local criminals committing crime in our area. work with us to combat these individuals who wreak misery by stealing your property from Cars and Houses.
Any information you have could be the key piece we need. Dedicated officers are working hard locally to prevent and detect this type of crime.

Contact us confidentially
Telephone us and refer to ‘Operation Ness J3’
Our telephone number is 0161 856 9973

Good luck and stay safe this winter!


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Training Manager at Starting Point Community Learning Partnership. Follow us on twitter @startpointsk6
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One Response to Car crime is on the increase.

  1. Jimbob says:

    Good sound common sense advice

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