S.O.S (Save Our Streets)

Leading retail adviser, Mary Portas has released her report on the state of our local high streets. The report was an idea of David Cameron and Nick Clegg as they seem to share the view that the British high street is struggling of late.

Mary Portas started off with a weekend job at her local John Lewis store and is recognised as the person who changed the brand Harvey Nicholls into the leading modern fashion brand it is today. The report aims to get town centre’s running like businesses as to ensure all local stores are opened for the benefit of the local area, that business basics are put in place so that local businesses are allowed to flourish, leveling the playing field so there’s a degree of fairness, defining landlords roles and responsibilites to their tenants and their local community and giving the local community more of a say in there high street. By doing all of this and creating ‘town teams’ ( a group of dynamic, forward thinkers who can emplace a strategy for the betterment of the local area) hopefully we can Save Our  Streets!

For a more detailed read of Mary Portas reccomendation’s here is a link to her report.


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