Safety Advice For Parents Issued By Sure Start

Please take time to look at the below safety information that has been issued due to another tragic incident. Please don’t hesitate to ask if any further information is required.

Child Safety –Blind Cords
Yet again, there has been another case of a young child becoming caught up in a blind cord with tragic consequences

The RoSPA advice is to remove blinds with a looped cord from rooms used by children. The risk can be reduced by fitting a safety device to the accessible loop. Remember, cleats and shorteners do not remove the risk; they simply reduce it if they are used properly and kept out of the easy reach of children. Children can and do climb and therefore could still reach these. There are also products which can be screwed into the wall and keep the loop permanently taut, removing the risk; however whether these can be used depends to a large degree on the type of ‘loop’ you have and they are not suitable for all types of blind cord only where a continual loop is the mechanism.
Childminders need to be aware of the risks of blind cords and also need to raise awareness in parents.


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