A greener future for Stockport homes?

As this is my first post by the means of my iPhone, any spelling or grammer mistakes are not my own but the fault of Apple and Apple alone.

What happens to our food waste when we put it in the recycling bin? According to a newspaper article, there are plans to build a new £5million food waste recycling plant on Bredbury industrial estate. This will use waste food produce collected by Solutions SK ( a Stockport council operated scheme ) from businesses in the local area of which I believe British Gas is one. The food will then be recycled and the energy harnessed to create energy for over a 1,000 homes! It will be the first of it’s kind in the country and the second purpose built waste to grid recycling centre in the country. Locally, I’m sure people will be pleased Stockport council are acting out in favour of a greener future for Stockport and helping lower the unemployment rate in the area by creating new jobs at the site. Nationally, other councils and businesses should surely take notice of this news and try to match this initiative with one of their own.

On a larger scale however,  the food discarded by supermarkets as it is deemed ‘out of date’ could be put to a better use. Some supermarkets company policies may restrict the possibility of it’s food waste being recycled like our home food waste and instead it is thrown away when in reality a lot more could be done with it. If stores such as Asda, Tesco and Morrisons to name a few collected all the foods they were about to bin and sent them to homeless shelters in the local area, volunteers could then prepare the food and cook it  for the homeless and needy. This would surely save lives by providing a future for those without a home or in need of assistance and show people in the local area that their local businesses do care!

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