Do we need….?

Recently news has filtered through of the opening of a few of the closed units currently situated on Woodley Precinct. Within the last few years StartPoint community cafe, Ladbrokes, the trophy store and simply Flooring Specialists have opened and helped revitalise the precinct by bringing new customers to the precinct. Rumour has it the new additions to the precinct are an opticians, where the travel agents was and a barbershop/tattooist, where the dry cleaners use to be. Do we need an opticians on the precinct? Will a barber’s/tattooist help bring new custom to the precinct as a whole?

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9 Responses to Do we need….?

  1. Sarah Burns says:

    I think, personally, that an opticians will be a brilliant addition – save local people travelling for their eye tests. All we need now is an NHS dentist!

    Have you also seen te new shop opening near the Railway pub in Woodley? I think it’s called Strawberry Fields, and it’s going to be (I think!) a flower shop. Would be good if you could publicise them once they’re open.

    Keep up that great work with this blog guys 🙂 – we just need to publicise it more – there must be some other local bloggers in Woodley/Romiley/Bredbury – how can we create a local bloggers network – would be great to get guest posts from Local Business – will help publicise them and get local traders in our area.

  2. Jimbob says:

    A barbers on the precinct may be o.k but not a tattoist in my opinion, opticians should be good for the precicnt.

  3. I’d love to reply to this but cant read it – maybe I need an opticians 🙂
    Full shops are better than empty shops in my mere opinion!

  4. stockportsk6 says:

    I think any business is good business! The more open units there are on the precinct, the more people will visit. An optician’s is a great adition especially as it will prevent people from jumping on the 330 and heading to Hyde and/or Stockport and will bring them to the precinct. They might even have a coffee whilst there waiting! Although there is a salon on the precinct, a specialist male barber’s is a good idea. A tattoo parlour, although not everyone’s cup of tea will bring a diverse, new group of people to the area. Overall, it’s encouraging that in an area like Stockport which is frequently visited by Mary Portas and seen by some as a struggling area that new people are prepared to open new businesses!

  5. Sarah Burns says:

    I think it’s brilliant that nearly all the precinct’s units are full – also, this is the website for the new flower shop in Woodley, up near the Railway pub that I mentioned in my earlier comment:

  6. Hello!
    A note to introduce our service to the community. We are BodyEvolve Family Chiropractic in Woodley (in the same building as the Dentist at Holly House next to the precinct). Opened a few months ago, helping people with health problems associated with the spine, nervous system, muscles and joints etc. We particularly enjoy working with pregnant mums AND kids! Curious??… Look us up at We get lunch at Starpoint and read about this website there, great community idea! We love to get involved in community events so ALWAYS give us a shout. We’ve done free spine and posture checks on farmers markets and give regular health talks. Most patients are sent for a walk after their treatment and i’ve already been informed about the ‘Award winning chippy’! WE HOPE TO BUILD ON THE SUCCESS OF WOODLEY PRECINCT. Keep it up!

  7. I believe after watching the woodley precinct go down hill for the last 10 years all the new shops opening up can only be good for woodley including the Tattoo shop which I have visited to check it out to have some Tattoos removed by there Lazar service and as a Stockport resident who just happens to have had Tattoos done over my life time (55 ) as do many others who some times get a bad press (ie only bad/rough people get Tattoos etc in today’s world this is no longer the case The Tattoo shop is spotless and has all the relevant Hygiene certificates etc I for one will be going there again.

  8. Sushma Gupta says:

    Amazing post. Its a very important post for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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