Water Shortage

Millions of households will have hosepipe bans by Easter, water firms have announced as the Environment Agency warned of “severe drought” in the coming months.

Seven water companies across southern and eastern England are bringing in hosepipe bans from April 5, following two unusually dry winters which have left reservoirs, aquifers and rivers well below normal levels.

The move comes as the Environment Agency said the drought, which has already gripped the South East and East Anglia, could spread as far north as East Yorkshire and as far west as the Hampshire-Wiltshire border if the dry weather continues.
Why do the water companies start to use the sea water, they use this on boats/ships etc, once the filtration system is sorted out we will not be short of water again

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One Response to Water Shortage

  1. stockportsk6 says:

    I think it’s incredible that in the 21st century any developed country, which is viewed by some as a leader in global conflicts is suffering a drought! Did we not realise when the first winter was especially dry that water levels might be low? Do we not have any contingency plans for such shortages? What about using sea water and purifying it like they do aboard boats and in Israel?Talks of us ‘piping’ water down south to help aid there drought’s annoy’s me as well, I don’t remember them ‘piping’ me any sunshine when it rained all last summer! The Environment Agency needs to look at other solutions such as harnessing sea water, which we have in abundance and helping solve this baffling dilema. Finally, us up North will have found a use for Blackpool!

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