Telephone Scam

Received a telephon call this morning 11.45am 23/4/12 saying that my computers been infected with a virus that will wipe out my hard drive redering it useless, the y ask you to turn on your computer and they will take you through step by step over the telephone to erradicate the virus, this is a scam the number they use to telephone is 01234765093, if you receive a call about a virus on your computer put the telphone down and ignore them


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One Response to Telephone Scam

  1. william says:

    Thanks for sharing that information. That call you received is known as the Microsoft scam call. My sister also got a call like that from 206-456-0661 and it was exactly the same script. She was told there’s virus on her computer and she had to get it fixed right away. Well, she knew about the scam prior to the call so she turned to her computer and looked up the phone number. And this page came up. Wow!

    That scammer should have done a little research so he’d learn that everybody knows about him already.

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