Rogue Trader Fraud]

When did it happen: 11th September 2014
Where: Offerton
General Information: Two unknown white offenders knock on vulnerable victims door. Offender tells victim that he owes £20 for having his fence and gate fixed (these were never broken). Victim signals he has no money. Offenders then tell victim to walk with them to Sainsbury’s where victim can get cash out. Victim arrives at Sainsbury’s alone holding his bank card out to staff saying he needs money for gardeners who fixed his fence. The staff are rightly suspicious and call the Police. Offenders have made off in an unknown direction unseen.
Offender Description: 1) White male, 5’11” tall, brown hair, large build, middle aged, wearing gold rings, white buttoned shirt, blue jeans. Irish accent. 2) White male, older than first male. Possible Irish accent.  
• When answering the door, always use a door chain, check who is there by looking through a window or door viewer and always ask for identification – IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT!
• Don’t do business or accept services from a cold caller on the telephone or at the door
• Remind people to lock all doors and windows securely
Emergency: 999 Non-Emergency: 101 Citizens Advice Consumer Services: 03454 04 05 06

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