Beware of villians and rouges

[Early Warning Alerts]

Distraction Burglary
When did it happen: 9/12/14 approx. 9.30am
Where: Bredbury
General Information: Unknown offender knocks on door claiming to be from the gas board. He gains entry as she lets him in. The offender has a look in the kitchen and boiler room and then leaves address in unknown direction. Nothing stolen
Offender/Vehicle Description: White male, middle aged, wearing orange high-vis jacket.
Rogue Traders
When did it happen: 15/12/14 approx. 2.26pm
Where: Marple
General Information: Victim answers door and sees white transit van on driveway. Male tells victim he has been working on his neighbour’s house and notices he has a problem with the edging on his roof. He tells householder he can fix this for £500 cash. Other male immediately gets out of van puts ladder up and starts working. They proceed to do the same (roof edging) on either side of extension as well. Victim is then aware of 3rd male. Offender tells victim he wants cash so victim drives to Stockport on his own and withdraws £500 cash. When he returns 2 of the males are waiting and 1 takes the cash off him stating they will drop guarantee off soon. 1st male then returns and asks victim who by this time is very confused for a further £650 in a cheque. Victim calls his wife who writes the cheque leaving the person payable blank at the request of the offender, who makes off in the van. Work completed is of a very poor quality and neighbour has had no work done. Victim contacts the bank who stops the cheque.
Offender/Vehicle Description: 
1. Male, dark skinned, under 6ft, wearing bright blue/green overalls with matching baseball cap, no obvious accent about 40 with swarthy complexion.
2. White male, tall, slim to medium build, 30s, wearing dark clothing with yellow hood.
3. Similar to male number 2. 30s dark clothing.
Rogue Traders
When did it happen: w/c 15/12/14
Where: Cheadle
General Information: Properties are being targeted in and around mainly the Cheadle Area of Stockport by rogue tradesmen claiming to be giving an advance warning to residents of an upcoming roof inspection because of the age of the houses. This is neither a Government nor Council initiative and the advice for home owners is not to allow cold callers to conduct any work on your property. If you are considering having work carried out on your home then you should try and employ a trader who has been recommended to you by a friend.
• When answering the door, always use a door chain, check who is there by looking through a window or door viewer and always ask for identification – IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT!
• Don’t do business or accept services from a cold caller on the telephone or at the door
• Remind people to lock all doors and windows securely
Emergency: 999 Non-Emergency: 101 Citizens Advice Consumer Services: 03454 040506
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