Distraction Burglary

[Distraction Burglary – Bogus Police Officers]

When did it happen: 24/2/15 approx 6.30pm to 11pm
Where: Bramhall
General Information: Whilst the householder was watching TV she hears noises and assumes they are coming from outside. The noises go on for about an hour. Shortly after 2 offenders ring the doorbell and identify themselves as police officers in plain clothes (not showing any ID). They claim they think somebody is in the house and ask to check. The victim allows access. They all go upstairs to check and see all the bedrooms have been ransacked. On the way downstairs offender asks the victim for ID. Victim retrieves purse from drawer in kitchen. Offender takes the purse from victim saying ‘I’ll do it’ Offender says they will be in touch and leaves via side door taking the purse. When Police attend the victim notices rear window has been jemmied open.
Offender/Vehicle Description: 
1) White male, 5’7” to 5’8”, stocky build, short black hair, 40-50 years, local accent, wearing an old type navy blue anorak, hip length.
2) White male, 40-50 years, smaller than 5’7”, slim, fairer hair than male 1, dark clothing.
• When answering the door, always use a door chain, check who is there by looking through a window or door viewer and always ask for identification
• Don’t do business or accept services from a cold caller on the telephone or at the door
• Remind people to lock all doors and windows securely
Emergency: 999 Non-Emergency: 101 Citizens Advice Consumer Services: 03454 040506
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