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 [New ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ In Offerton]
Analysis by the Council and Police has highlighted an area in Offerton encompassing approximately 750 houses. The new ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ will cover the following streets:
•Hall Street (part)
•Athens Street
•Webb Lane
•Barnsley Street
•Gorsey Mount StreeT
•Carnavarn Street
•Celtic Street
•Bramwell Street
•Henry Street (part)
•Dona Street
•Abbey Grove
•Canterbury Road
•Tintern Grove
•Holly Street
•Greystoke Street
•Grimshaw Street
•Glebe Street
•Curate Street
•Turncroft Lane (part)
•Courthill Street
Residents within these areas will be given free home security advice and products, a ‘No Cold Calling’ guide, and key contact information to help them to deal confidently with doorstep callers.
Signage, placed around the area, alerts visitors to the existence of the zone, and residents are briefed on how to act if they are suspicious about someone who has called at their door. Police cadets in Stockport have been working over the last few weeks ensuring that all householders in the new zone have access to the guide and supporting key information.
Stockport Council’s Trading Standards team have contacted local companies asking them not to conduct cold calling operations in this area.
Councillor Patrick McAuley, Stockport Council’s Executive for Economic Development & Regeneration, said: “We are committed to protecting residents from cold callers and doorstep crime. Targets of doorstep crime and cold calling are often older and more vulnerable residents. Unwanted and uninvited callers approach people at their doors offering goods or services, or simply trying to trick their way into people’s homes with the intention of stealing money and property. This new ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ will help protect these members of the community.”
Rachel O’Brien, Greater Manchester Police Crime Reduction Specialist, said: “Residents were concerned that the number of salespeople and bogus callers knocking on their doors was rising and were eager to tackle the problem.
“My advice to all residents is to always ensure your home is locked and to stop and ask if you are expecting anybody.  Make sure you have the chain on the door and check the caller’s identity.  A genuine caller will not mind waiting while you contact their company to verify their details and if in doubt, keep them out.  Keep an eye out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours as they really need your support, especially as the nights get darker and colder.”
Residents who may be suspicious about an unexpected doorstep call are advised to contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

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[Project Street Art Launched]

A Stockport street art project will give youngsters the chance to practice graffiti while helping police reduce antisocial behaviour (ASB).
Project Street Art is a multi-agency initiative being launched by police and Stockport Homes in the north Reddish area. Launching on March 20th at St Elisabeth Church it follows concerns over ASB in the area by youths.
The scheme is aimed at 12 to 16 year olds who are interested in all types of art. It is designed to give young people an opportunity to try their hand at something creative and takes them away from potential criminal activity.
PCSO James Irvin, from the Stockport North Neighbourhood Policing Team is leading on the scheme. He said: “We have tried a number of tactics such as football to steer youngsters away from forms of crime, but unfortunately this hasn’t helped in reducing the number of incidents of graffiti and vandalism in the area.
“We developed this scheme with the idea that we could teach young people a new skill while giving them something different to do to keep them entertained. We will also look to recruit those successful youngsters into associated art programs or groups so as to enhance their abilities.”
Inspector Scott Winters from the Stockport North Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “James has identified that not all youngsters are willing to take part in diversionary activities that involve football and has been innovative in thinking up this scheme which can appeal to both boys and girls.
“I am grateful to all our partners for their valuable contribution in both time and financial resources in helping giving local kids this opportunity. Who knows, maybe we could uncover a new talent!”
The pop-up graffiti board is made of aluminium and stainless steel and will have free standing panels that will be placed in areas across Stockport for limited time period before they are removed. Pictures of the artwork created by the youngsters will by uploaded to a variety of social media channels before the panels are cleaned up for future use.
As part of the support by partners for the scheme equipment such as paint, masks, gloves and an education on why vandalism is a crime will be provided to those taking part. In addition there will also be free art skills training which will include free hand spray painting, stencil spray painting, free hand paint drawing and free hand brush painting.
The offical poster for the luanch event can be downloaded here LINK [Ringmaster_Project_street_Art.jpg]

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[Good Samaritan comes to aid of robbery victim – Stockport]

Police are asking a Good Samaritan who came to the aid of a woman who had been targeted by a thief to come forward.
The 33-year-old woman was attacked on Gorton Road in Reddish, Stockport, at about 5.20pm on 24 January 2015.
She had just left a takeaway and was walking towards her car when she was grabbed by the arm by the offender.
This led to a struggle over her handbag, and luckily she managed to break free and got into her car and lock the doors. Undeterred, the would-be thief stood at the side of the car and loudly shouted at the woman, demanding money and gesticulating for her to get out of the car.
At this point, another man approached and asked if she was ok. She then drove off.
A 37-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery and bailed until 22 March 2015 pending further inquiries.
Police are now appealing to anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward, and in particular want to speak to the man who came to this woman’s aid.
Detective Constable Christopher Jackson said: “The brazen actions of this would-be thief left this young woman extremely distressed.
“Thankfully, her attacker did not manage to steal her handbag but nevertheless his criminal intent caused this woman considerable upset.
“It is therefore very important we speak to the man who came to her aid as he could have vital information we need as part of our inquiries. I want to stress he is in no way under suspicion or involved but simply a well-meaning passer-by who helped a woman in distress and could have vital information for us.
“If you were that man, then please call us.”
Anyone with information should call police on 0161 856 5902 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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[We Stand Together]

To celebrate our difference, against hatred and intolerance, and to build a safer and stronger United Kingdom
Community leaders will joined together on Thursday to launch a national initiative promoting community cohesion and unity.
‘We Stand Together’ encourages people to come together as one and celebrate their differences in order to build a safer and stronger United Kingdom.
The initiative has been launched following recent global events which have caused concern within communities across Greater Manchester.
Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: “Greater Manchester has a long and proud tradition of celebrating differences and sets a positive example to the rest of the world, which we should be immensely proud of.
“Recent attacks in Paris and Denmark have inevitably caused tension and fear within our communities and it is more important than ever that we come together as one and send a strong unified message that any attempt to create disharmony or fear is futile.
“We all have a responsibility to encourage community cohesion and I am calling on people to stand together against hatred and intolerance and show their support for each other during this difficult time”.
Councillor Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council’s deputy leader, said: “Mancunians are rightly proud to live in a diverse and thriving city where people respect and tolerate each other, but there is no escaping the fact that incidents in other parts of the world can have an impact on community tensions here.
“Now, it is more important than ever for our communities to show the world that we are continuing to stand together, despite the troubling times we are living through, and demonstrate that hatred and intolerance have no place in our city.”
Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said: “Here in Greater Manchester, as across the land, we have strong, cohesive communities where we celebrate our diversity. But we should never take for granted the fact we live in a safe, tolerant part of the world as there are always those who would seek to drive us apart. By standing together we send out a clear and strong message that we celebrate and cherish our inclusive society, as well as recognising that we have a shared responsibility to work to safeguard it.”
Community leaders will be urging members of the public to use social media to spread the message of standing together using the hashtag #WeStandTogether
To report an incident of hate crime, please contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Alternatively, please report online to True Vision ( or use the True Vision app.

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[60 Second Security – Stranger Danger]

Welcome to GMP’s series of #60SecondSecurity videos all around simple security advice. Designed to provide easy step by step tips, including advice on products and how to install and use them, helping to make you and your property that little bit safer. To see these videos click here.
Whilst the risk posed by strangers is rare, it’s really important to make children aware of simple tips they can follow to keep themselves a little safer.
This video on Stranger Danger is designed to highlight a few key points, to be used to help you have that important conversation with your child, pupil or class. It is aimed at aged 4 – 11 years. For parents, carers, families, teachers, schools and centres for young people to use to raise awareness and generate discussion that helps children keep safe, take a look here.

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Preview YouTube video 60 Second Security – Stranger Danger

60 Second Security – Stranger Danger
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